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Hotel Boss

Hotel Boss and its overall facilities won’t make all guests need to go outside the hotel. There are too many facilities within the hotel that are very good to enjoy. Rooms are already comfortable and cozy with a modern touch in every inch.

The restaurants and bars are ready to serve at any time guests want to arrive. For guests that need a perfect staycation without taking their routine exercise for granted, they can use the state-of-the-art facilities at the gym.

What The Gym Offers?

Having a staycation means moving the whole activities from home to the hotel. It is one of the most common phenomena worldwide. People in Singapore find it the best way to relax without compromising on their productivity. No wonder they will use SingapoRediscovers Vouchers for making reservations at some hotels that attract them.

Hotel Boss is one of the so many hotels that offer the best facilities for a staycation. Besides, it has a great gym that can maintain their health. Most of the time, people have to go to a gym where it takes several minutes to arrive from the office or home. By having a staycation here, it doesn’t take more than five minutes to arrive at the luxurious gym.

Entering the gym will make all guests in awe. The interior is clean and tidy. The high technology equipment will add the great experience of having a series of workout exercises here. Parents can just leave their kids at the nearby playground to play safely with the playing equipment that meets the safety standard.

Guests don’t have to rush to their rooms after exercising. They can directly go to the shower rooms that are located nearby the gym. The shower rooms are different from the ones for swimming pool users. Besides, users can also wash their outfits directly to the washing machines that they can operate by using coins. The ironing facilities are also the most helpful complementary that guests can use.

Facilities To Support Staycation

Many companies prefer to let their employees work from home. That is why many Singaporeans find it easier by having a staycation. Some offices also apply remote working so they don’t have to build or rent an office space. Instead, they rent hotel meeting rooms whenever they need to make some discussions.

As Hotel Boss is located in a very good location, its conference rooms are also worth choosing. Everyone can visit the hotel without any difficulties. What’s more, the rent cost of meeting rooms here is more affordable than renting an office space. This hotel has one meeting room as the hotel event organizer can divide it into several parts based on users’ needs. There is a fast WiFi connection for users to support their business purposes.

All of those facilities for a staycation at Hotel Boss are more than just outstanding. They can help all users in maintaining their great work without sacrificing their quality time with the family. Don’t forget to claim the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers to enjoy a better staycation experience at the best prices possible.